Authentic Complete Jinn Magic of The Ancient Past - Finally Revealed!

(For Serious Magicians Only. Dabblers Need Not Apply)

If a Genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for? Perhaps prosperity, a better career, success or maybe to find your true love?

If you could overcome any blockage in your life, what might that be? The Jinn (Genies) are famous as removers of obstacles! Jinn Magick can do all this and more...

But Jinn Magick is serious business...So if you aren't serious, this isn't for you...But if you are intrepid of spirit and pure at heart, you're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Introducing  you to…a very Rare form of Practical Magic only known to a few privileged inner core initiated members of the Majestic order of white light in the Arabic World which dates way back for centuries.

You are about to finally gain a helping hand… in your fully get what your current focus is on …by being given the secret keys to attaining it.

If you want to manifest your absolute dreams, or simply have more modest aspirations to:

  • Quickly improve your health

  • Gain better living circumstances

  • Enjoy a full and rewarding love life

  • Boost or start an exciting career

  • Increase your social standing

  • Reach new heights in your spiritual development…

  • And much more…

Whatever you aspire to, whatever your need is…

Then you need to take a good look at this with an open mind …and right now whilst this offer is still up!

This may be your best bet in attaining the very things you have desired but have eluded you!

You can Start Today, Start right away, start now even…people just like you are already living their dreams…

But first let me tell you how My magical journey began with this weird story…

And what inside secrets, glimpses and rewards await you as you read this ….


When I was living in Saudi Arabia in my early teens, I got an unexpected  invite to my rich aunt’s party bash..

After the party as I was taking a stroll just outside my house to take in the stars and beautiful moon  in my quiet neighborhood, I was approached by a pleasing looking  young woman who was a total stranger to me.

She called my name, and asked me to join her in a room alone.

Her beautiful dark brown hair, bronze tanned skinned and mysterious almond eyes took me aback, she was indeed a beauty and a sight to behold in the moonlight.

I was totally surprised but naturally very  curious, because this is something Saudi girls almost never do…and it was a complete first for me.

Saudi Arabia has oppressive laws namely “sharia law” which are extremely conservative and punitive…

 A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative, therefore this woman was taking a huge risk to herself, so I knew there had to be a reason of great importance in her doing so…

“The Jinn mentioned you to me”, she said.

Are you frickin’ kidding me? People lose their heads in this country for any whiff of dealing with the Jinn or being associated with any form of occult practice, only the rulers and elite who knew very well the effective power of magick and the Jinn were allowed to study these arts …

The rest of the population were restricted from indulging in it.

In fact just one month prior, a local woman had been arrested on suspicion of using witchcraft and was summarily stoned to death in the town square.

Not to mention keeping all this in mind…

I would have been safer if she had stripped naked and yelled for help! Such is sharia law in Saudi Arabia…

But no–there was no doubting it…This had to be the work of the Jinn. My lucky day…

“The spirits I work with told me about you and said that one day you’ll discover the secrets of the Jinn”, she whispered in my ear.

To my dismay, she continued… “I know this because the Jinn told me the name of the sorcerer and then your name.

I was told that You are the one who can achieve this and be able to help my family.”

I must confess that at this point I was feeling totally clueless by all that was being said and felt helplessly at a loss for words

C’mon, after all…I was the kid that skipped sports to read Stephen Hawking and be a bookworm instead.

 I wasn’t an adventurer or even very extroverted, I preferred the solitude of my home, reading and enjoying a quiet peaceful life almost reclusive lifestyle in this highly conservative country.

I would have just let this go, but then slowly my mind drew back in time and  I started recalling previous stories that I had heard about my family’s various experiences with the Jinn…

I was becoming extremely curious… fascinated in fact… and a strong urge grew deep  inside of me that told me I had to unravel the mystery behind these events and this young woman’s unexpected words this evening.

Suddenly I was rashly awoken from my daydream and she hurriedly ushered me out of her room at the sound of footsteps drawing nearer.

 I knew we were both in potential danger if caught in her room together due to Saudi Arabia’s strong sharia law, this woman was especially at risk…

So I knew for her sake that I had better hurry out and leave hoping no one had overheard us or seen me entering her place…

Time went by and I didn’t see her around anymore… I wondered about that odd but very profound evening over the course of several weeks.

FATE AT THE DOOR -A few months later a classmate came up to me and said:

“Can I talk to you privately after class? Meet me behind the science building, no one goes near that place. 

So…I did. And he proceeded to tell me a long story about how his father was suffering because he was under a serious hex from a Syrian sorcerer.

He had confirmed through the services of another sorcerer that Jinn-based magic was used to bind his business, and his life.

Soon after This sorcerer was arrested by the Islamic police force…

apparently the local officials were afraid he might interfere with their ability to wield JINN magick, the same magic that they had been using to wield power over the population and accrue a massive fortune.

Not long after, I managed to acquire my first Authentic Arabic Grimoire, “The Sun of Knowledge”, by Imam al-Buni.

This was not an easy item to obtain. Saudi conservative religious zealots had done everything they could to wipe this knowledge from the face of the Earth!

Furthermore The Elites in power were securing the remaining known copies for for themselves exclusively, they knew the true value and power of JINN Magick…

  I obtained it during a special trip to Syria through friends of my Father who had fled from Saudi Arabia two decades prior and smuggled it in by wrapping a small Persian rug around my waist and wearing a thobe over it ( typical robe mens wear in many Arabic nations…

Back then there wasn’t much in the form of x-ray scanning or searching like nowadays, metal detectors were still the only real check… or random luggage searches.

DEATH WAS STALKING - The real danger was in coming back.

In 2012, the inevitable occurred, Muree bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri was found in possession of magic books and talismans. A couple of months later, he met the same fate as Eddard Stark (he was executed.)

Al-Asiri’s execution was the latest accomplishment of Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Witchcraft Unit, an elite Islamic police force specifically trained to track down and arrest practitioners of magic.

Needless to say, my family was terrified.

They begged and pleaded for me to stop this mad flirtation with the JINN…

But I had come this far, and just couldn’t walk away.

I literally became obsessed with finding out for myself if the Jinn were real and if there was any truth to their magic and the countless benefits they could bestow upon me.

…yes I must admit my desire to have an even better more rewarding life along with gaining spiritual blessings and magical abilities that far exceeded what ordinary men could ever aspire to was too much for me to resist, danger or not!

A DAY WITH DESTINY…Alas, it was bound to happen.

The knock we had feared eventually came to my family’s door.

They were summoned by the Islamic Sharia Law Authorities and met by very stern government officials.

 I was petrified at the thought of what was about to happen to my family.

They issued a verbal warning that there was rumor that I was importing and dabbling in forbidden knowledge, and I must cease immediately, or there would be dire consequences if they investigated and found actual evidence, which would be the next step.

My family secret of having practiced magic all these years could become exposed if they investigated further endangering all my relatives…

Therefore, I tried to stop.

However the seeds of magic had already been sown deep within my psyche and had begun to sprout in the deepest recesses of my mind.

 It became an unquenchable thirst of ever growing desire to learn and acquire the forbidden fruit of Magickal knowledge  and power that only the JINN could bestow.

I soon began to sense visitors surrounding me at night.

Spirits were making themselves known inside of my house. Something in me had changed.

I knew that I was being called into this new and frightening world.

had to finish this journey… A caged tiger will do anything to get free. I finally gave in, said “the hell with it” and dove head-first into the magic of the Jinn.

I could tell you about the amazing things that I’ve seen since taking the plunge all those years ago.

But you probably wouldn’t believe it, and I fully understand why.

Magic is inherently unbelievable in a world that has lost hope in anything we haven’t built with our own hands. 

While Some Disbelieve, Others attain huge benefits and success

Luckily, there are many western magicians that aspire for something more. just like you are doing now…

These pioneers like you continue to experiment and push the boundaries, because you know and have a strong belief  that more spectacular results are possible.

People like us are always looking for measurable results that can’t be explained away by a coin toss.

You want more than psychological experiences that have no tangible benefits. You NEED to see, feel, hear and LIVE “real magic.”

Can magic really change your life? Well the question I must ask you then is this…Do YOU want to believe in it so badly, that you no longer need to ask that question?

Or is being skeptical and self sabotaging opportunity the norm for you?

You really do need to keep an open mind otherwise you will be wasting your and my time…

But if you are okay about all this then please do read on ahead…

I’ve heard in the past of tales of powerful men rising to power through the aid of magic and the Jinn… I… like you probably are now…was initially very skeptical.

Can an abandoned son or a poor shepherd rise from such humble beginnings to be a leader of an entire country? Can the Magic of the Jinn bestow the ability to make anyone’s real goal in life a reality?

I wasn’t so sure, but the question needed to be asked and answered somehow…

THE HIDDEN TRUTH - But then, the truth came out.

There was a report from CBS news that Saddam Hussein was a firm believer in magic, and even applied it himself by “studying the sands” and summoning genies, with modest success.

Saddam’s personal wizard said that while hiding from US forces, he was protected by a pair of magic-infused golden statues. He confirmed that the deposed president spoke daily with the king and queen of the Jinn.

Maher al-Kadhami, a Baghdad faith healer, repeated a story often told in post-war Iraq:

Some years ago, a fortuneteller told Saddam he would fall on April 9th, 2003.

Saddam flew into a blind rage, murdered the fortuneteller and launched a violent campaign against all those dealing with the occult. And lo and behold, April 9th turned out to be the day the world saw Saddam’s statue topple in Baghdad.

Saddam was like Jafar, the evil sorcerer in Aladdin - and like Jafar, he met his just end.

I didn’t want to be another Jafar. I wanted to be Aladdin and live my magical adventure.

 There are literally hundreds of Arabic manuscripts on Jinn magic and nearly all of it remains unknown in the West. You won’t find most of that info in the Golden Dawn books, Crowley’s, or even Agrippa’s. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to translate the hundreds of Arabic manuscripts, and a lifetime of testing and practicing to figure out what actually works.

If you’re anything like me, then you want these 3 Vital things:

1.     An Authentic results-tested and verified magical grimoire that you can actually use for your benefit

2.     ...that contains absolutely safe methods for use and zero risk of attracting anything negative to you

3.     ...that is easy to apply right away and start your journey into manifesting through Jinn magic

No real mage would ever call himself an expert or a “guru”, but if you’re looking for someone who has paid his dues and dedicated his life to exploring the mysteries of the Jinn and their magic, then I may be just your man.

Hi. I'm Nineveh Shadrach. I’m here to help you achieve what you most desire-By teaching you Authentic quick working Jinn Magic!"

I was born and raised in the Middle East.

My father was a famous engineer, initiated Sufi, and practitioner of Near Eastern magic.

My entry into the craft began at an early age and I have been teaching and writing about magic for over 25 years.

I’m the author of Magic That Works: Practical Training of the Children of LightLove Healing Prosperity Though the Occult Powers of the AlphabetThe Occult Encyclopedia of Magic SquaresThe Tree of Life and Magic SquaresAncient Conjuration of Power: Practical Guide to the Berhatiah, and the chief translator of The Book of Deadly Names, Grand Key of SolomonRed Magic, and Harut & Marut. I’ve also authored thousands of pages of magical content digitally spanning nearly 20 individual e-books.

Here’s My Personal Invitation for you to Apply...

If you have read this far then I believe you may have what it takes to master this life benefiting course,

Therefore, I invite you now to put any failure you may have experienced in the past and  unleash some amazing and rewarding magic with me...

By working together…If you are up for this challenge and time sensitive invitation then join me now!

Let’s Awaken The Power Of The Mighty Jinn to help you attain that which you most desire and need today!


Getting started is really is as simple as these 2 steps:


Decide which of these areas you need help with or want to expand your knowledge about…

All of this and more you will find in this amazing Jinn grimoire. The following are just some of the wishes these Jinn have been reputed to grant to those who are worthy...

Ability of Manifestation – The Jinn possess the uncanny ability to bring any wish you desire into the physical universe. Harness the mighty power of the Jinn to supercharge your manifesting abilities far beyond the Law of Attraction or anything you’ve tried before!

More Prosperity and Wealth – Discover hidden opportunities you might have otherwise never noticed for gaining wealth, financial abundance and sudden windfalls. 

Attain True Love and Romance – Matters of the heart are no mystery to the Jinn. Gain another’s favor, attract a lost love into your arms, even find your soulmate. The Jinn are powerful beings who can transform your love life into a living dream of magic and wonder!

Enjoy Health and Wellness – Maintain vibrant physical health, alleviate crushing stress, or set yourself on the road to addiction recovery.

Revel in New found Authority – Rise through the ranks of your company or workplace, suddenly get a promotion, become the top dog in your business or industry, become a leader!

Build a positive Reputation – Command respect from your peers, co-workers, boss or anyone else. Achieve monstrous success in all endeavors, obtain the legendary “midas touch.”

Ignite pure Genius and Creativity – Attain the brainpower and creativity of a genius, gain the spirit of innovation and increased knowledge in all areas of science, invent new technologies!

Drink from the well of Ultimate Wisdom – Receive true wisdom to resolve any conflict, solve any challenges, bring peace to any situation, gain new understanding and super human perspective.

Develop useful Psychic Powers – Achieve untold psychic power, activate spiritual forces and bend them to your will, gain absolute control over the very elements of creation itself!

Work effective Celestial Magic – Learn the secrets of the stars, planets, moons and their celestial movements in the sky, gain insight and wisdom on their effects in your life!

Gemstones and Precious Metals – Discover the mysteries of the mineral kingdom, locate rare gems and jewels, receive or extract information about any metal or gemstone.

Engineering and Construction – Transform and accelerate your knowledge into one of a master architect that could rival even the most gifted builders and geniuses of our time!

Protection and Guardianship – Protect yourself, your family, friends, pets, objects, events or situations from causing any harm to you (or them) in every conceivable way

Writing and Manuscripts – Become a world class author, scribe or publisher. Put pen to paper and witness effortless ideas flood the mind with new creative insights, filling endless pages with the power and prose of a literary master of the arts

News from Near and Far – Be informed of any event that holds meaning for you, receive information in detail about any person, place or target of your desire

Travel by Air – Resolve any issues pertaining to flight, protect yourself while flying, ensure the safe passage and return of your loved ones, get the best flights, etc.

Recover Stolen Or Lost Items – Get lost or stolen items  returned to you promptly, effortlessly recover stolen objects or money!

Fetching or Bringing of Things – Command the Jinn to bring you gold, jewels, money, secret or hidden manuscripts or documents, animals, even people at your desire.

Mysticism and Spirituality – Obtain higher consciousness, explore the inner-planes, master astral projection, command spirit guides and guardians to appear before you!

Religious Knowledge and Theology – Uncover buried secrets from the ancient past that brings the light of wisdom to the darkness of ignorance, suffering and hatred!

General Growth and Building – Accelerate your personal or professional growth, use for growing plants and herbs, scale a business, anything to do with growing something!

Teaching and Education – Become a master teacher of any subject, accelerate your coaching practice or become a highly sought after and well-respected consultant.

Mastering Languages – Gain fluency in any language, heighten your sensitivity and acuity to any dialect, absorb the vibrations that connect all languages easily!

Farming and Agriculture – Ensure the success of your crops, protect your livestock from harm or any outside influence (including Mother Nature), align with the ecosystem.

Creative Arts and Artistry – Perfect your visionary talents and abilities, strengthen your creative spirit, imbue the essence and mastery of Michelangelo himself!

Mastery and Adeptship – Receive the Light of Knowledge with nothing held back, become as wise as the ancient sages themselves, join the brotherhood of Light!

Business and Trade – Transform into a business titan of any industry, bring in clients and customers in droves who purchase your products and services.

Spiritual Arts and Beliefs – Master the art of spiritual exploration, solidify powerful beliefs that shift the very foundation of reality, gain intimate knowledge of the “other side”

Guidance and Assistance – Acquire deep insight on any situation, receive guidance for any life decision, see two steps ahead of any event, become an expert strategist!

Spying and Covert Knowledge – Gain intimate insights into any situation, receive knowledge that has been kept hidden from you, learn the details of anything secret

Numerology and Mathematics – Obtain higher knowledge of the science of numbers and their meanings, formulas and correlations, gain the wisdom of Pythagoras himself!

Music – Influence your talents and abilities to a level only dreamed about before, witness your mindscape filled with musical vibrations and hear them come alive in your music!

In this monster package, I will share with you the secret names of 720 Jinn that can help with each of the above to improve your life, your magic and your knowledge.


After you have chosen an area from above or already have one unique to you …You can now Call the Jinn using three simple magical methods combined to improve your odds at experiencing something rather extraordinary...

We will keep this under wraps till you experience it for yourself…by doing it!

The re assuring thing for you is in knowing that… You don’t need complicated rituals or expensive equipment to get started or to have success with this powerful and practical Magick of the Jinn. 

For starters You will receive the following for 20 of the most powerful Jinn…

1.     A powerful set of magical names to pull the Jinn to you

2.     A specific binaural beat-infused frequency that is designed to attract the Jinn via sound

Using these 2 methods can increase  the chances of getting a visitation from the mighty Jinn!...By as much as 300%

Just Look at what Others Are Saying…

I love getting emails from folks who try these methods and prove the effectiveness for themselves:  

One of my students from Georgia used the covert Jinn to give him insight on his marriage.

He was sitting at work when BAM! What felt like a deep voice screamed in his head to “GO HOME NOW.” He left immediately and arrived in his driveway just in time to catch another man with his wife.

 It wasn’t the insight he was hoping for, but he said without this he may not have found out for years… or ever.

Another student had just missed her flight and the last one was booked with a long waiting list. She called on a Jinn related to flying in the air.

Within moments, an airline employee rushed her to the gate, ten minutes before the last call.

Are You Ready To Amp Your Magical Power Tenfold?

As part of this comprehensive practical course…I give you Jan and his Servitors...

Jan, also known by his other titles, Sumia and Shoman, is the Prime Ancestor of the Jinn and the oldest of his race.

This makes him the most powerful Jinn to have on your side.

You will definitely want him on your side… You will also want his massive horde of Jinn servitors that serve and aide him on your side too.This is positively life-transforming magic that will be at your disposal once you gain the alliance of Jan and his servitors on your side.

But how do you call on the most powerful Jinn known to man safely?

How can you possibly tap into this raw magical power and get it to work for you?

I will give you the solution as part of this incredible grimoire package.

That’s right. In addition to everything else you’re already getting, I’m including a full-length instruction video on Jan and his 13 powerful servitors.

You’re also getting an e-book with the once unknown names of these servitors, along with a mandala for each of them.

I’m also including 99 powerful secret names that call on Jan and his servitors (and literally thousands of other spirits.) Each of these names pack a huge punch when it comes to the Jinn.

You will also receive detailed evocations you can use to quickly summon Jan and his servitors right away when you need them.

Once you summon them successfully, then you are on your way to being able to make changes to your life for the better!

 Here is another success story I just have to share...

A student of mine was convinced his ex-wife had gone to a voodoo priest and had put a hex on him. He kept struggling at work with his boss.

Nothing he ever did was good enough. He got into two car accidents in one month and was having horrible nightmares. He was sure something was watching him sleep.

He finally bit the bullet and decided to do some magic himself. He called on the servitor of Jan for 14 days straight.

He is now a manager in this company, and a proud owner of a brand new car. He sleeps like a baby. The same cannot be said of his ex-wife.

Knock Knock - Special Bonus!

Powerful Shamanic Beats to  Summon the Jinn with Haste

This special text has been included as a special extra bonus…it is indeed an extremely useful text that will take your Magic to even greater levels.

It will teach you the importance of sound and how to evoke sing special sounds along with the secret names.

There has been many attempts at defining magic in recent times.  One of the most popular definition connects magic with will and ability to bring change.

Some have understood the definition as if will is the cause of the magic process. It isn’t even if you’re a Jedi. The Jedi doesn’t ‘just will’ something to float. There is a level of connection with the Force that must be had first. The spoon just sits there mockingly without that connection. The Force in magical thought has parallel in the paradigm involving spirits and all manner of gods. 

However, from a practical stand point, the key element we rely on in magical rituals is sound.

You take away sounds and you take away a huge portion of the magical process.

Both evocation and invocation rely on sounds. 

The ancients knew this, which is why they referred to the letters as the building block of creation. The Word with a big W in Biblical text is God-like.

The Word is spoken and the letters of course are their sounds. The letter form evolved much later. The sounds came first. 

We know sounds affects both our moods and mental process. However, does sounds do more than bring about psychological change? Yes, of course.

According to the following study: Aggio, R.B.M; Obolonkin, V. and Villas-Boas, S. G. 2012. Sonic vibration affects the metabolism of yeast cells growing in liquid culture: a metabolomic study. Metabolomics 8:670–678. doi:10.1007/s11306-011-0360-x

They found that the intra- and extracellular metabolite profiles of the yeast cells were significantly different depending on the sound stimulus applied.

They were able to identify a total of 55 different intracellular metabolites. Not only that, but 32 of those were detected at significant different levels in at least one growth condition and 9 were unique to specific conditions. 

In a nutshell, they discovered and proven that sounds affect cell metabolism.

This means that every time you open your mouth and produce sounds or listen to music you could literally be affecting your own cells and the cells of those around you in ways that you don’t fully understand.

Of course, the knowledge of figuring out which sounds affects which cells and in what way and being able to produce that as well would be one hell of magical and scientific accomplishment. 


The magical paradigm has gone further with its stipulation that specific sounds or words of powers can summon all manners of non-physical beings and cause all manner of metaphysical effects. 

This idea that magical use of mantras and words of powers with their ability to affect life around us is a fundamental principal of classical magic. Obviously, some mantras work better than others and not all ‘sound bites’ have the same pedigree. However, when they work, they just work. 

Even the Muslim scholars of the Middle Ages had to begrudgingly admit that the use of mantras and words transcended belief. They said an infidel who invested the energy and time in the recitations would get the same result as a devout Muslim.

Belief is irrelevant.

Practice is essential. 

The ancients knew it took regular practice over extended period. How long to do a given mantra before it works is of course inconclusive.

For the sake of harmony, they assigned the recitation number with the numerical value of the mantra. They were vague, because they knew each person is at different level.

Nevertheless, some mantras or words of power were pretty quick in producing results and some people are pretty quick at manifesting things with words of powers and mantras.

These are the natural born magicians so-to-speak, but everyone with dedication and practice and proper training could unlock the magic inherent in the words.


Some of these words of power were noted to attract the Jinn and all manner of spirits. The grimoires are filled with such words.

They often can’t be easily translated or appear to be constructed along unknown formulas. But that is ok, because, sounds here transcend intellectual attributions of context. 

These are the genuine ‘Abracadabra’ of magical lore. Here is a thought. The grimoires appear to rehash the same limited set of known spirits. Why pursue another one?

The difference often lies in the evocation or the magical words. Classical magicians are often pursuing these evocations and magical words hoping to find something even more powerful than what they have.

Look over the Arabic books and you’ll see sometimes 10-15 different evocations to the same spirit in one text. The only difference is the words of power used to call the spirits.

It is as if different artists composed different melodies to enchant the same maiden and then they shared it all in the bar with other hopeful bards.

One of the misconceptions common to modern Western magicians is they see a difference between these words and the usage of mantras in the East. The reality is that in the East the proper energy is often invested into unlocking the power and magic of words, This eBook there will be a key resource you will absolutely treasure!

What others are saying ...

"You came recommended to me by my temple chief. At first, I wasn’t sure how the energies will mix. I can see now that his recommendation was well founded. Thank you for sharing such potent methods with the rest of us. I haven’t had such intense experiences in a long time."
Timothy D. (Rosicrucian)
Los Angeles, USA
"They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision."
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Kimberly (Beginner)
Wisconsin, USA
"I’ve studied magick for several decades and been in several Magical orders. After studying the Magick rituals here I’ve had physical manifestations that I’ve never experienced in other forms of magic, it’s powerful and it works!"
Scott Wells
Ohio, USA

These are just a few of the dozens of testimonials I have received this past year alone…


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Because I really want to over deliver and give you the best possible opportunity to get the ultimate advantage with Jinn magic, I am also including these two very special bonuses…


The Grand Key of Solomon The King

The enchanting tales of 1001 Arabian Nights and the mysterious magical societies of the Moors share a legendary figure. He is none other than Asaph Ben Berechiah, the Vizier of King Solomon himself.

According to Islamic tradition, this Arabian Merlin bested a Jinn in a magical contest, teleporting Queen Sheba's throne in the blink of an eye, using his knowledge of the Great Name.

Through the ages, masters of the forbidden art of Jinn evocation have shared with their disciples in secrecy, an extensive oral tradition of rituals, incantations, and magical implements belonging to Asaph Ben Berechiah.

There were whispers of a grimoire compiled by an anonymous Arabian wizard brimming with secrets of the magic of Asaph Ben Berechiah. Known as Ajnas, its reputation grew, but few possessed it. It has resurfaced in recent years and remains one of the most popular guides to angelic and Jinn evocation in the land of the Arabian nights.

I present you the Authentic text as a super special bonus for you!

Magicians have been asking me to provide a book comprised of benefits laid out sequentially.

I thought I would assist you toward the means by which the People of Truth give guidance to others using source documents.

These have been summarized, so that anyone who reads them can quickly grasp them.

First, the book  begins with what is reliable and a source of guidance, so that its reader may be safe from sources of criticism among the Scholars of Truth, who long for the spiritual science and adhere to the rules of Sacred Law, so that entreaty to the Creator, Glorious and Exalted, may come about.

 Inside is explained what our predecessors spoke and concealed from the secrets of the scholars concerning the one- and two-part non-Arabic names and the like, such as the three-part names written in foreign tongues.

These have been transliterated into Arabic so that they may be easy for their reader and that he may be safe from error.

Know: The prophet Moses was in a state of love known to the elect, where he gave up food and water and voluntarily feared God and wept.

He would speak the Names until the term appointed by his Lord Most High was completed. On hearing what pertained to them of such names, the angels would descend to him out of every heaven with their exalted ranks.

Thereupon he would say, “My need is with the Creator of the earth and the heavens,” and recite the Most Beautiful Names and the Supreme Words, which neither earth nor heaven can withstand hearing, and which are the father of the world and all of creation.

Discover the names of the angels of the heavens and command with them the various servitors of Jan to bring you that which you so desire!

Possess multiple ancient evocations of the Master Metatron as it relates to the Jinn and assure your success. Unlock the secrets of contacting the seven terrestrial and underworld Jinn kings if you so wish.

A $59.95 value – Yours free with this limited time offer.


Berethiah - Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power

Throughout antiquity no conjuration has garnered as much as legend as the Berhatiah. It’s been used for thousands of years and mentioned in hundreds of manuscripts-what is contained in this book is so sought after de to the power and qick effect of the magic contained within!

It’s famed for its ability to command and bring to manifestation the presence of countless Jinn. It’s an exceptional tool to be added to your working with the 700 and Jan & his servitors.

Discover its mysteries and how to fully unlock its power to attain new levels of magical mastery and liberation. In Berhatiah: Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power, you will learn:

Why the greatest mages of the Near East prized it as their most precious of treasures, more than any other conjuration in history.

How to tap into its power to harness the forces of the realms of spirits and Jinn.

How to use it to empower your magic and produce results for every purpose, from increasing your psychic power to healing.

The names of its servitors (khodam) within the heavenly realm. Very important hidden key!

How to unleash its potent energy through retreat and meditation.

What is The Barhatiah ?

It is a conjuration that is shrouded in myth, of unknown origin; it has a multitude of variations, has names that have yet to be properly translated over the span of 800 years, and is useful for a multitude of purposes with promised great effectiveness.

“The Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power”

Simply put, the Barhatiah is a puzzle that can’t be ignored; it functions as a central pillar of the Ruhaniat tradition, for there is no single Arabic grimoire worth its weight that lacks its inclusion.

In the Arab world, many newcomers to Ruhaniat find their first introduction to this conjuration in the seminal work called Sharhu alBarhatiah by the 12th century master magician and sage Ahmed al-Buni.

You will soon be  holding the translation of this book in your hands, actually on your tablet or PC or tablet to be precise!

You are able to read the same important work in its original format. However, let’s be clear that al-Buni was by no means the author of the Barhatiah. On the contrary, he himself credited a number of other occultists for the various renditions he collected. 

However, al-Buni wasted no time in his Sharhu al-Barhatiah explaining what we are looking at and why it is important. He made the following key claims in his introduction:

The Mystery of a Great Conjuration (RED SULPHUR)

It is the conjuration that has been relied on since ancient times; The people of antiquity referred to it as the

 ancient covenant and a great binding; It is nicknamed the red sulfur and it is a

 guarded secret; It dates to the first sages of antiquity;

 It was known and used by King Solomon, then

 by Asaph Ben Berechiah, and then a Greek sage; It is a conjuration that is always obeyed by

 spiritual forces, both good and evil, and especially the jinn; It is useful in producing results in every form of

 magic and for every esoteric purpose from seership to invisibility.

What we have here are pretty clear clues to its origin and importance in his eyes.

 The conjuration works because these names are those of a covenant (pact). Covenants are  binding contracts between two parties.

However, most covenants tend to be between an individual magician and an individual jinn or other spiritual being.

You have to work through rituals and conjurations to get to the point of getting the spirit to agree to the covenant. There are usually exchanges of services rendered at a price, and the pact lasts till the magician dies or breaks

The Barhatiah texts refer to a different level of covenant. The covenant is honored by the general body of jinn and spirits of all stripes, not just a particular one.

There are no indications in the text that the practitioners need to have fully undergone the hard labor of convincing the spirits to accept the pact.

The forces summoned are called by the names of an already existing and respected pact.  Taken at face value, it would seem that all you would have to do is to recite the names of the covenant for the jinn and spirits to answer you. The implication here is that this covenant is binding through time through the ages. 

If this is true, this makes this conjuration a must in the toolbox of any mage seeking to get somewhere in this craft.

Calling it the red sulfur is appropriate, for red sulfur is an alchemical substance created from mixing mercury with sulfur.  Mercury alchemically represents spirit and sulfur represents soul.

 By referring to it as the guarded secret, he evoked strong alchemical images of something that is hermetically sealed.

The Key to the Mighty names Barhatiah is one powerful conjuration - this much, many magicians through history have come to accept from direct experience.

 I know from my own work that this conjuration carries a profound spiritual punch. Sadly, its origin and history are unclear. What presents even more of a challenge is the full interpretation of the names used to awaken its power.

Where everyone seems to come up short is in truly deciphering the proper pronunciation and translation of these names.

Names that can’t be fully or easily deciphered or  that appear meaningless aren’t actually a new problem in our craft. There are many grimoires from Europe and the ancient world containing words of power that are almost impossible to fully decipher and translate.

The difference is that most of these conjurations go unused by modern Western practitioners, with the exception of the so-called barbarous names in the Bornless ritual

Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power presented in the Golden Dawn and later adapted by Aleister Crowley. 

Why does the Barhatiah carry such an intense punch in the first place? Where does its power come from? The answer is two-fold. One of the reasons for its power lies in the fact that it is a covenant.

This means a certain amount of spiritual authority rests in the names that can be tapped into by the practitioners to extend their own personal spiritual status. The other reason has to do with its servitors.

What do the servitors have to do with anything? Let’s take as an example the conjuration to the jinn king Taresh. Taresh is believed to rule over the various residents.

If you were to call the residents by a conjuration dedicated to their king, they would respond to you promptly. The same would be the case if you called the various familiars and companion jinn by a conjuration dedicated to their king Abba Deebaj.

Often when we use a conjuration dedicated to a king, one of his servitors is sent on his behalf. The primary servitor of the conjuration (the king) rarely appears unless the practitioner is engaged in extended retreats and practice.

Rarely do modern magicians invest the required amount of time into any conjuration or evocation. Most are perfectly happy with visions in smoke or a mirror or just the sensation that they are not alone in the room. Of course, this can be accomplished.

The Key to the Mighty Names by an experienced magician pretty quickly, compared to the other levels of manifestation that can take weeks or months of full time practice.

Bringing this back to the Barhatiah, the ancients clearly stated that this is a general conjuration over all the Ruhaniah and jinn of all classes.

It wasn’t explicitly stated, but generally well understood by practitioners of the craft, that the reason lies in the nature of its primary servitors.

Its servitors are of such a high degree of spiritual power that it deserves a very high rank. Should these often unnamed servitors send any of their own servitors to assist the magician, miracles can happen. 

The selection of secondary servitors available encompasses almost the entire spiritual hierarchy or jinn world. Due to the almost supreme authority of its servitors, we can say that this conjuration can’t be disobeyed by angels, jinn, or even demons of all types.

The question of who shows up depends on who you call and enlist to help you, which is another often unnamed principle that rarely gets applied by beginners.

The Barhatiah names are said to possess seven primary angelic servitors. Four of these belong to the Kerubic order, and three govern the Ruhaniah and their level of reality.

These are augmented by secondary angelic servitors. The primary four Kerubic angelic servitors are Gabriel, Michael, Israfel, and Azrael. The angel Gabriel is well recognized in religious texts and secret spiritual teachings .

All this Plus, for the first time in known history, its twenty-eight powerful talismans have been revealed.

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Nineveh Shadrach

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jinn grant wishes?

Yes. Absolutely, and you don’t have to trap them in a lamp to make it work either. In fact, many Jinn are willing to help human beings without any coercion at all.

I hear Jinn are trickster spirits. Is that true? 

Some Jinn may derive pleasure from toying with humans, but the majority don’t. Approach Jinn the same way you approach people: trust, after you verify.

 Are Jinn naturally bad? 

Absolutely not. There are many Jinn who are very advanced spiritually. Some Jinn have taken medicine as a profession and can be approached for healing. There are of course evil jinn and, like with humans, they seem to capture the headlines.

Are Jinn fire elementals?

Islamic lore says angels were created from light, Jinn from smokeless fire and humans from mud. It’s basically a division of the five Elements among three races. We maybe organic life form, but we’re not actually made out of mud. Likewise, the Jinn aren’t made from fire or air. Many actually love to dive into lakes and oceans.

Are Jinn the same as spirits or ghosts?

We often think of ghosts as disembodied non-physical souls of departed people. There is no physicality to them whatsoever. Jinn aren’t dead and they do possess the ability to interact with the physical universe. They’re simply invisible to our eyes. If a jinn was to lift an object, it would look like it’s levitating by itself.

Are shadow people Jinn?

Some jinn can appear as dark shadowy figures, but they are different from what is often experienced as shadow people. The feared shadow people are something else entirely.

Can you ever see Jinn?

Yes, as Jinn are non-physical creatures, they are easiest to see in your dreams or in Spirit Vision, but you can infrequently catch a physical glimpse of a jinn, before it disappears again. It’s not very common experience, so we don’t recommend you get hung up on that.

Do I have to be a Muslim to work with Jinn?

It would be easier to build relationships with a Muslim Jinn, if you were too a Muslim. However, there are Jinn from all belief systems, including atheism, and some from religions unknown to man. Sharing a belief system is helpful, but other factors are more important.

Is it safe to work with the Jinn and call them up?

There are always risks when interacting with individuals that you don’t know well. This is double when you’re dealing with non-human species. I did my best to provide you with the safest rituals and lists of names. I would still recommend that you play it safe and don’t make enemies during the process of making first-contact.

Is this system based on traditional writing or was it just made up?

Made up implies fake and there’s nothing fake here. The system is derived from either direct translation of Arabic manuscripts or from using techniques and methods in such manuscripts to fill in gaps and provide much needed additional info. 

Will the system produce results?

Yes, absolutely and without doubt. The results will vary depending on each person’s magical skill, training, and ability to put this information into practice.

I already work with systems such as Goetia or the Enochian. Why should I look into this?

Many of the names in Goetia are Latin forms of traditional Jinn names. Study of the origin of Enochian and communications between John Dee and the Spirits reveals a system as likely to have been revealed by Jinn as the angels. Most magicians end up working with the Jinn without recognizing them as such or end up using systems of magic influenced or revealed by the Jinn. It’s best to just cut to the chase and dive all the way in.

What makes you qualified to teach this information?

My family has had interactions with the Jinn before I was born. My dad was a practitioner of Ruhaniat (Arabic occultism) and my own practice started in my teens. I’ve logged nearly ten thousands hours of practice over 25+ years. This is my passion, my reality, and my life. I’ve written multiple books on the subject and I’ve been teaching and promoting this form of magic in the West since the 1990’s.

What are three primary benefits of Jinn magic?

Knowledge. Jinn possess advanced knowledge in all areas. They can teach many advanced esoteric and spiritual techniques that you won’t be able to find anywhere. Plus, interacting and learning about the Jinn themselves through direct experience is in of itself a vast expansion of one’s knowledge and awareness of the universe.

Ascension. Few are aware that there are living Jinn immortals that can be taken as teachers. Long before mankind’s existence, the Jinn have reached great heights in the heavenly realm. They are famous for ascending and learning directly from the angels.

Others have pursued Jinn magic for pure power reasons or to experience out of this world encounters or simply to fix their broken lives. Many turn to the Jinn for quick fixes in money problems or for help with love affairs or in dealing with enemies.

How will the materials be delivered to me?

We will send you a download link via within 24-48 hours. Make sure to check your spam folder just in case.

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